Hi there, I’m
Angie Zimmerman, The Flower Diva™!

As I mentioned on the home page, you’re probably wondering why a wedding floral designer like me decided to produce a do-it-yourself wedding flower product?

Well I have a long history and many years of experience in wedding flower design and I absolutely LOVE what I do BUT let me tell you how I got started:

I used to work for corporate America. I carried a brief case to work everyday and put in the 8, 10, 12 hour days. I worked for a company that allowed me to move around to different jobs; which I did pretty regularly. It helped keep me from getting bored and broadened my experience. While I had a position I truly loved at the time, when the global offer came to pay me to leave because of downsizing issues.

I decided to take the plunge and do something I truly loved!

For me, that was to own a flower shop. I left my corporate position in November of 1991 and have never looked back!

I opened up a flower shop and took orders for Christmas gift baskets immediately. I really love being creative and whether it was a gift basket or a floral arrangement I was happy to design them. I found over the years that I really loved doing wedding flowers though. I think because I had an opportunity to be part of something important (your special day), and I could see the process from the beginning to the end. I could see the expressions on my bride’s faces when I delivered their flowers. It was always a happy, special day!

So, when my husband got transferred 120 miles away, I decided to sell my flower shop. However, I could not leave the flowers alone; I needed to be involved with flowers, I just love them too much! But, when I reopened for business in my new location, I decided to concentrate on wedding and party flowers only. I still do favors for friends and family that don’t involve a
wedding or a party, but, for the most part, I only do wedding flower arrangement.

I do about 50 weddings a year.
I have lots of experience under my belt!

Recently however I started to see the economy taking its toll on the wedding industry. Many brides and families were holding back on their wedding budgets, leaving things they wanted out of their weddings and more because unfortunately they just couldn’t afford it all. 

I realized that:

  1. I couldn’t help ALL the brides out there; I just didn’t have enough time.
  2. There was also a big percentage of brides or families of brides, I was finding, that wanted to do their own wedding flowers.

Being an innovative and creative entrepreneur, I asked myself,

“What would be the best way to deal with the economy?”

The answer for me was to come up with something that would allow me to still work with the brides and grooms I could but also to help thousands of other brides and their families learn how to do their own wedding flower arrangements while saving up to 50-75% of their flower costs!

So, I brainstormed with a few people and came up with the  “Do-It-Yourself Wedding Flower Guide” complete with 5 DVD’s of me showing you how to make your own bridal bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, ceremony and reception flowers. So, this is what I did!

The “Do It Yourself Wedding Flower Guide” by Angie Zimmerman
, gives you simple step-by-step instructions in a hardcopy guidebook with page-by-page views of each step plus checklists, resources and extra tips on how to make every kind of bridal bouquet design and more flower arrangements than you’ll ever need for your wedding. The DVD’s included with the Guide show you EXACTLY how to do each step.   I recorded them myself to show you close up! So whether your preference
is to learn by reading or watching, you can have access to both! There are more than four hours of instructions on the DVD’s.

Click this link
to read all about what’s included in the “Do It Yourself Wedding Flower Guide” and DVD set:   see why you or any bride you know should buy it and how it can literally save you 50-75% on your entire flower expenses for your wedding!

Cheers to your BIG DAY!




Angie Zimmerman
The Flower Diva™
(916) 941-1171


P.S. Meanwhile, I’ll keep having fun
doing the flowers for those of you I can fit in or those of you who don’t want
to do them yourself. Click here to visit my floral
design website and find out more about my wedding flower design services.

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