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Do you want to save 50-75% of your wedding flower bill?

The Do It Yourself Wedding Flower Guide is a must have for every DIY Bride. This 5 DVD set covers every aspect of creating your own wedding flowers from the flower girl's nosegay, your bouquet, even the flowers for the pews and the reception. You can get the entire series, including the Workbook for just one payment of $179.00.

Plus...if you purchase the entire set, you'll receive a Special BONUS:

I'll send you another DVD with more than 1 hour of instruction showing you how to process your flowers, the tools you will need and more.

My Personal Guarantee

Buy my DVDs and follow my instructions and you will be a happy bride! I guarantee that if you follow my instructions, you will not walk into your reception with ugly, wilted bouquets!

A Very Important Hint:

You will have to allow time for this.

For the ordering, learning and designing of it all, of course, but unfortunately, flowers are perishable and therefore cannot be done too far in advance. I recommend you do them the day or two before your wedding. However, depending upon what flowers you are using and what time of year you are using them - fall wedding bouquets or summer wedding flowers for instance - you may need to order those flowers in as much as a week earlier, to allow them to open properly.

So, the best case scenario (assuming you have a Saturday wedding) would be to gather up your bridesmaids and moms and aunts and friends on Thursday and start your wedding flower design. On the Wednesday (three days before your Saturday wedding), pick up your flowers and process them. Unless, you are using a flower that will need extra time to open. You may have to order that particular variety earlier than the rest of your flowers so that they will be open enough to work with them two days before your wedding.

And **one of the most important things to remember** make sure you have ample refrigeration space to store your flowers both before and after they have been arranged. If you don’t have ample refrigeration space to store your flowers, make sure you can turn up the air conditioning in a room where you can store your flowers. I go over all of this in the Guidebook and Bonus section like I said.

Tropical flowers are the exception; they don't like to be that cold so I tell you about what is best for them too. No matter what, make sure you can store your corsages and boutonnieres in a refrigerator! They don't have a water source and MUST be kept refrigerated until you are ready to use them.