Want to learn how to make the floral arrangement from the Ellen DeGeneres Show?

Hi There,

I’m starting a new video blog.  Among other things, I will be showing you how to make floral arrangements you see in the media. 

nicole richie with ellen
On the Ellen DeGeneres show she always has a floral arrangement on her coffee table.  They haven’t changed much in style…different flowers, different colors, but same basic floral arrangement each time. 
I will be showing you via my new video blog how to make these centerpieces.  Watch for more information coming very soon!  Shoot me an email if there is a floral arrangement you’ve seen somewhere that you would like me to show you how to make.  It would help if you can send me a link or photo!  Do you have a favorite magazine that has floral arrangements you just love?  Let me know which magazines and I’ll incorporate them into my video blog.
Do you have a dinner party coming up and you want to add a flower arrangement to the center of your table that ties in with your dinner party theme?  Let me know and I will incorporate it into the new video blog.  I’ll be showing you various types of centerpieces for various types of dinner parties, holidays, special events and just plain home decor.
The new video blog is www.flowerarranging101.tv

3 Responses to Want to learn how to make the floral arrangement from the Ellen DeGeneres Show?

  • Virginia says:

    Hi…I love the rectangular rose bud and tulip arrangement that is always on Ellen’s shows…please guide me how to arrange the flowers in a perfect alignment. I would like to have this arrangement for a 21st birthday coming up soon. Am actually looking at a black white and gold combination (not sure where I’ll find black flowers, though I could use yellow instead of gold). Appreciate your guidance

  • Joyce Tatum says:

    I luv the orchid arrangements n the background but I can’t c them good help

  • admin says:

    Hi Joyce, there are better pictures on http://flowerarranging101.tv and there is a video showing how to make it.

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